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With its appealing and inspiring furniture, the P3G Group aims first and foremost to be the preferred industrial partner for specialised distribution due to its ability to design and manufacture goods and provide top service to customers. At the Group’s core is not just the raw materials to make furniture, but also creativity and responsiveness. Constantly keeping up with design and innovation trends, P3G is an industry-focused company with significant manufacturing capacity. The P3G Group strives to provide each client with a perfect balance of quality, satisfaction, and service. In addition to our expert understanding of the furnishings industry, our job is to inspire you.

Top 10

of European furniture manufacturers

factories in France, Europe, and Asia

million euros in turnover


annual growth over 10 years





Our job is to inspire you

The P3G Group designs its products by drawing inspiration from customers’ needs, expectations, and desires.

For each of our retailer clients, we proactively suggest new ideas that will bring more creativity, comfort, and efficiency to furniture design and the products that we create and design together.


Synergy of our combined strengths

The P3G Group brings together eight complementary subsidiaries: PARISOT INDUSTRIE, EKIPA, ARTEMOB INTERNATIONAL, GREENCORP, CFP, CF2P, ANAVIL, and PGS. Together, they offer a wide array of furniture for all tastes and styles, from mass-market products to high-end original creations.

Our various production units are scaled to handle both large series productions and orders of just a few dozen units. We can offer daily deliveries directly to our clients’ stores. With their complementary areas of expertise, trades, and materials, the P3G Group companies can leverage operational synergies and pass the benefits along to customers.

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ANTICIPATING TRENDS Every year, over a thousand new products are developed in our eight design offices by our 130 designers, creators, and prototype developers More details Imagine EXPERT KNOWLEDGE
Every home has at least one creation that comes from our workshops. More details Imagine
INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Our responsiveness and proactivity are an advantage for the brands. More details Imagine PARISOT LAB: Our expertise serves our customers At Parisot Lab, each client can come meet the Group’s designers to imagine and co-design the furniture of their dreams. More details Imagine Im ag
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Industrial power

In each of the eleven factories in France, Europe, and Asia, thousands of tonnes of wood, foam, fabric, and metal parts are made and assembled to manufacture over 4 million pieces of furniture every year.

With our industrial strength, a million cubic metres of wood are transformed every year and we have over 4,000 active product codes. At the eleven factory sites, there is a total area of 450,000 m² of buildings on 1 million square metres of land.

square metres of industrial building space

pieces of furniture manufactured

active product codes

Striving for excellence

Every one of the Group’s employees aims to deliver products that satisfy the customer. To achieve this aim, we use all types of human and technical resources, starting with a continually optimised production system.

The manufacturing plan is ambitious with investments in new production units combined with a vertical integration, strategy that guarantees autonomy, independence, responsiveness, and controlled costs.

Each subsidiary of the P3G Group strives for excellence to ensure the quality we deliver is always a cut above market standards.

A responsible industrial group

The P3G GROUP has always been a committed and responsible actor in sustainable development, as demonstrated by the international certifications for social responsibility and good social conduct (including BSCI, SMETA, and IWAY) and for following European environmental standards (including FLEGT for tracing the sourcing of wood and COV for limiting the use of solvents) as well as for recycling wood waste.

Our raw material: wood.

All forms of it are used and made to build high-quality furniture, from solid wood to fibreboard and particleboard.

Agility and proximity are pillars of the Group’s approach. They ensure products are rapidly put on the market and that exclusive products designed and produced for our clients are available. More details Satisfy
Understanding and satisfying the needs of our clients means providing the level of service they expect. More details Satisfy
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Full of boldness, determination, and ambition, the history of the P3G Group is that of a family company. At the origin of this success story is the drive and determination of Jean-Charles Parisot, who has a knack for anticipating and following the changes in specialized distribution. As the grandson of Jacques Parisot, who founded the Parisot company in 1936, Jean-Charles drew the necessary energy and expertise from his family’s industrial roots in order to overcome the challenges facing the third generation of Parisot.

Creativity, responsiveness, and strong values are the bedrock of the company. At every stage of the P3G Group’s growth, the company has been able to preserve its values of curiosity and creativity and offer respect, good service, and quality products to each of its clients. Now, the P3G Group is a leader in the furnishings industry.









The P3G Group is always seeking talented new employees for all its departments, including the industrial, commercial, marketing, design, legal, and product departments, among others

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